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by Radio Sonnenschein

coronavirusCorona virus: high risk of infection but few deaths

Now it is enough!
As doctors and members of the health professions AMPAS (the AMPAS association currently has 714 registered doctors in Italy), we are unfortunately experiencing an irresponsible spread of a general and unjustified state of panic, which is difficult for us to understand (according to the data in our posession)

The possible upcoming total-damage appears being much bigger than the damage of the disease itself.
The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus does not seem to differ much from the usual spread of other flu viruses, concording to the official data currently availables.
For example, according to the latest news (Ansa) from February 22, 2020, there are:
77,662 infected;
21,029 healed;
  2,360 deaths.

The Epicentro website writes:
“Between 5 and 15% of the adult population worldwide contract influenza viruses every year
(these are about 350 million to 1 billion people). „
The World Health Organization (WHO) describes the effects better: “Between 3 and 5 million cases reported of influenza, develop complications which lead to death in about 10% of cases (between 250,000 and 500,000 people).
Especially vulnerable groups are children under the age of 5,
older people and people with chronic diseases. „

The 2360 deaths worldwide affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) is therefore a rather small number,
compared to the annual mortality that can be expected from normal flu.
Therefore the corona virus is a „not very deadly“ disease, it appears to have a bigger risk of infection-possibility than other infectious diseases, but it spreads less than any other known flu virus.

Therefore, the security measures and the whole alarmism are not justified to us! The collective psychosis – despite possible lung complications – are inexplicable for us. (explain the doctors)
Since being doctors, we take care of the health of the patients (and the community) – not only concerning the infectious point of view, but also the global point of view. For this reason, we find the general scaremongering – like closing schools, cessation of surgical services, first aid closings and general practitioners with reduced service – completely wrong.
This situation can only lead to new diseases, inefficiencies and inconveniences.

We therefore urge politicians, administrators and public health managers to take immediate action to reduce this scaremongering in order to ensure the health of the citizens.

If at the end we should stand before a similar sitation as past „false pandemics“ like SARS (2002), Avian (2005) and Swine (2009), somebody has to answer for the damage caused by this scaremongering.

We also invite medical colleagues to give their patients the right indications to strengthen the natural immune system (considering, that fear and panic reduce the functions of the immune system) and to sensitize the local administrators not to take measures that are not justifying the seriousness of the situation.

We hope this situation changes as soon as possible, and we remain available for the community with further updates.

Doctors and health professionals AMPAS (medici per un’alimentazione di segnale)


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