Raika Lana

Peter Burchia – Nothing (Official Music Video)

by Radio Sonnenschein

Shanti Powa Records presents the first Single „Nothing“ of Peter Burchia’s debut Album „Look Back“ coming in May 2022.

Peter Burchia writes his own music since the age of 12 and is also guitarist & vocalist of Shanti Powa. Apart of music he is known as one of the most productive artists/painters of the new generation from South Tyrol. As a musician Peter Burchia has released several solo singles, as well as 3 Albums with Shanti Powa and 1 with Color Colectif. And as an artist he organised different galleries around the region, where his art has been much appreciated.
There is much more to come from this young free mind, so keep your ears & eyes open!

Recorded: Atelier
Produced by Jürgen Winkler and Peter Burchia
Engineering: Jürgen Winkler
Artwork: Peter Burchia
Video Edit: Elias Kröss
Song written and arranged by Peter Burchia





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