Brand NEW Song & Video – Shanti Powa – Hit You With That

by Radio Sonnenschein you with thatSong & Video, recorded & filmed at Little Big Beat Studios in Lichtenstein.
Video Concept: Lukas Pichler
Recording, mix & master: Manfred Konzett
Filming: Marco J. Rush
Video Edit & Motion: Sir Gulliver J. Klauser
Production Assistant: Olivia König

Music produced by Shanti Powa
Lyrics by Allis Y Me & Berise
Scratched sample by S.O.A.P. aka Son of a Pitch

For info & booking:

Shanti Powa Records


Allis Y Me:

We’re going back to the source,
back in the time,
forward with the consciousness
to feed our mind
the music is the beat to break the frontier,
this sound makes me feel the festival is still here,
so pack up your stuff, leave worries and stress,
the season just started it might never end,
its growing inside this feeling,
put on your best smile and the clouds away,


Hit you with that,
we gonna hit you with that,
Shanti do the Dancehall,
Reggae, Rock & The Rap,
Hit you with that,
we gonna hit you with that,
when the massive a call,
we come and mash it all up,


With The Powa of Sound we gonna hit you with that,
Shanti Powa in town this music a go make you mad,
louda, till the police come we nah stop,
mash it up every hour when the Shanti vibe a drop,
mit der Kraft der Musik kommen wir in deine Stadt,
bringen den Sound den du liebst,
organisiern wieder Mal was,
sig mit uns dieses Lied wenn dus auch Satt hast,
diesen täglichen Hass, eine ewige Last,
die jeder von uns mit sich trägt,
aber Liebe ist was diese Welt bewegt,
7 Milliarden Menschen 1 Planet,
wir spielen bis es Jedermann versteht,
Jedermann versteht,
wir setzen kein Limit im Style,
Shanti go wicked, wicked, wicked & wild,
Louda, mash it up every hour,
statt Sinnlose Hetze bringen wir Positive Vibes,
Positive Vibes.
wir setzen kein Limit im Style,
Shanti go wicked wicked,
wicked & wild,
louda, louda,
mash it up every hour,
statt sinnlose Hetze bringen wir positive Vibes,
positive Vibes.


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