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TuneIn Broadcaster APi Key Service

TuneIn Broadcaster APi Key Service

Price: 48,80 € incl. VAT plus Delivery Product number.: 01 TuneIn Delivery time 1 - 3 days
Many radio stations that are played via TuneIn no longer show the music titles.
Only the logo and the name of the respective radio station are displayed. 
It should be noted that previously the music titles of some radio stations were displayed. 
TuneIn has made some changes.
To solve the problem, all you have to do is request some data of your own web radio directly from TuneIn.
Request to Tunein: 
To get started, you need the station ID assigned by TuneIn. You will find your own station ID at the end of the URL address when you access 
For example, the station ID for "" would be "s######".
(Replace ###### with your own number!) e.g.
To get your Partner ID and your TuneIn Partner Key, please contact and request them directly.
Email text to TuneIn:
Hello, I am the technical manager of Radio ........ ,
*ID *station: s######, to optimize our radio on TuneIn,
I would need: Tunein Partner ID and Tunein Partner Key.
I'm waiting for your feedback.
Good work and many thanks.
If your radio automation / webradio does not support this function, there is now also an external solution:
Just send us the API data and we will set everything up!
(Station ID, Partner ID and Partner Key)
The TuneIn Station ID e.g. s3054 (always starts with s) - You already have this when you join tunein.
TuneIn is the largest and most important radio directory in the world. Being on TuneIn means that you can greatly improve and increase the listenership of your web radio.
If you want your radio station to have an active presence on this directory to increase the number of web radio listeners, you not only need to register on the TuneIn website, but also enter information about artists and song titles into the system.
If your AutoRadio does not allow the function of sending data to TuneIn you can use our TuneIn API Support Service for an annual fee.
The service works with Shoutcast 1, Shoutcast 2 and Icecast servers.

Costs per year: 48,80 Euro



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