Raika Lana

Waira- Breathe In // Acoustic Session

by Radio Sonnenschein

(It seems there was a synchronisation issue in the process of uploading the video)

Laying under the leaves of a summer tree
While I’m waiting for the rain
waiting for the first drop to reach my skin
watch it fall from the sky pulling me out of my daydream
I am waiting for something, waiting for something that will never come

breathe in, don’t breathe out,
don’t let go of all your doubts
they keep you on safe ground
breathe in, don’t beathe out

Memories are relief sometimes,
hold on to them not to suffocate the daylight
stick your nails in until it bleeds
give in and watch the moment dissolve into smoke

I’ll be desperately crossing the future looking for
Something I’ll wish to have recognised before

Produced by Mattia Mariotti


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