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Shanti Powa – Here We Come Again [Official Video 2019]

by Radio Sonnenschein

Shanti Powa Records & Irievibrations Records present HERE WE COME AGAIN

Music Video directed by Mavericks Directors Editing by Claudio Zagarini

Color by Gulliver Klauser Filmed in collaboration with Musikkapelle Zwoelfmalgreien & Weingut Erbhof Unterganzner

Song produced by Shanti Powa

Shanti Powa are Bertrand J. Rise aka Berise, Lukas Pichler, Thomas Maniacco, Sir Gulliver J. Klauser, Stanislao Costabile aka Dj Spike, Alessandro Tarabelli aka Kame Ale, Andreas Galante, Gabriel Marchettini, Jonas Tutzer, Fabian Pichler, Florian Gamper

Lyrics by Berise – Shanti Powa

Recorded by Sheepproductions at Roots Stable Studios (Aicha di Fie). Except Guitars at Fabsque Studios (Bolzano) and Keybords, Dubbings & Drum programming at Tree Rec Sound Studios (Calabria)

Mixed by Sheepproductions at Roots Stable Studios

Mastered by Dieter Pimiskern at Dorian Gray Studios (Munich)

Distributed by Irievibrations Records PR by Irievibrations (AT), Soulfire Artists (DE) & Pixie Promotions (IT)

Booking & Info: info@shantipowa.com



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