The Running Men – Hey Lover – Video

by Radio Sonnenschein

Hey everyone, we are Daniele and Nico and this is the first song of our debut album. We want to say a huge thank you to Stefanie Aichner for realizing this very first music video, make sure to follow her if you like the video. We hope that you like it and just feel free to share it with your friends and family. Enjoy!

It’s a song about the fear and pain of being left alone by your partner. But maybe it is this very pain that keeps you going on without giving up your heart.


I’m a living soul
My baby didn’t know
Dreaming in my mind
For words you never find

Our child is smiling there
I’m rising up through the air
Running ‚round all night
While you just waste your time

Hey lover, I want you to stay
Hey lover, why you go away
Hey lover, why you love me no more

I’m a running man
Just a boy in a can
All you said is right
I’m giving up tonight

You were a glowing sun
And had a loaded gun
Oh you blew my mind
Into another time

Hey Lover, I want you to stay
Hey Lover, why you go away
Hey Lover, why you love me no more

Why you love me no more


Rec, mix & master by Othmar Schoenafinger
Filmed & directed by Stefanie Aichner

Made in Merano, South Tyrol

Album coming end of 2018.


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